Kathryn Mandelcorn, FMA

Certified Money Coach | Vancouver, BC

Kathryn Specializes in Assisting:Kathryn Mandelcorn is a Money Coach in Canada providing financial coaching and planning to help people manage their budget, cash flow and money with a savings and spending plan so they can live debt free, reduce debt or eliminate debt.

  • Couples and Families
  • Professionals

Kathryn Specializes in the Following Services:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Education

“Our financial state is a product of the conversations we choose to have about money.”

Kathryn’s Style

Kathryn brings ease and perspective into conversations about money—always listening with compassion and without judgment. She equips her clients to take control of their finances by aligning their money management with their values and goals.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn has always been a planner. It was during her first banking job at 19 when she initially felt the fit between her planning skills and money. When later focused on building her career, the same feeling remerged. She had accepted a job in the investment industry, and every day found herself naturally attuned to clients’ financial planning needs. By 2006, she achieved her Financial Management Advisor designation and knew she was on a path to uncovering her professional passion.

Enthralled by her work, she settled in for the next seven years to learn one of her greatest lessons of life: everyone has a relationship with money. Time and time again, she encountered the assumption that wealth erased any issues with money management. However, as she worked with a full spectrum of clients, each had their own history of financial fears and misunderstandings. Kathryn wanted to do more than plan for their futures. She wanted to foster their understanding of money-driven behaviours and emotions, and help them align their finances with their life goals. She created her own approach, and the rewards inspired her to become a money coach.

Today, as a money coach with Money Coaches Canada, Kathryn provides mentoring and unbiased financial advice for achieving stress-free finances today and in the future. At the same time, she helps clients redefine their relationship with money to be more truthful, peaceful and free.


No more analysis paralysis!
I came to Kathryn with “analysis paralysis” about my finances, unsure how to organize my money for retirement and other goals. With her guidance and knowledge, I’m now completely organized, motivated, and feeling confident and capable to manage my financial life going forward. I have a plan and tools, and it feels great!
– Meg

Debt-free on schedule!
Well, it’s been a year since we came to see you last and enacted our plan and we are writing to tell you that we are DEBT FREE on November 1ST ON SCHEDULE!!! Coming to see you, using your services, was the best decision we ever made as a couple. We can’t thank you enough. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. Thanks, Kathryn.
– Kelly and Joe

Being debt-free is so liberating!
I have some exciting news to share: I was able to pay off my line of credit early, and therefore, I started 2015 DEBT FREE!! It’s such a great feeling. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and tools you gave me last year. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help. Moving forward, I have been pre-approved for a mortgage (thanks to your recommendation) and I will definitely be in touch once I have made an offer so that I can schedule a meeting or two to review and update my plan.
– Rachel

Having plan provides motivation
I have now paid off 30K in debt since I started paying off debt with a vengeance! I think more. 60K+ if you include getting rid of my car! Seriously I am still saving but every once in a while I will drain the different savings to meet or beat a goal to pay something off. I did that today. I had $11K on my visa and took some from savings and paid it in full!

I’ve never been irresponsible with money but just being more aware of where it is going and deciding if it is fitting with my values has been key and I will be totally debt free aside from the mortgage as of Jan 2015… maybe sooner.
– Janet

The importance of data to make informed choices
Thank you, Kathryn. I feel very relieved. This will be a more restful Christmas than I anticipated. Thanks for all of your help with our planning. Even coming out of our last meeting I felt more secure in the near future. Honestly Kathryn you are a total angel. Thank you so much.

It’s so great to be able to work with you.
– Laura & James

Measurable and meaningful results
Kathryn’s down-to-earth nature and ability to connect with clients makes her a natural fit to talk to people about their money and setting their personal & financial goals moving forward. Kathryn’s strength comes from a willingness to help and seek out solutions to assist her diverse group of clients. We appreciated the overall financial profile that the services provided, something we were lacking (and needing) from our investment advisor. We recommend that you tap into the unique and broad range of services that Money Coaches Canada provides, the results will be measurable and meaningful.
– Susan & Stuart, Burnaby

The plan is easy to follow and understand
Before I met Kathryn I felt overwhelmed by my finances. I had no idea of what was coming in or out or at what time. Once we started working with her I liked the fact that everything to do with our finances, current situation and future goals were all in one document. It is easy to follow and understand.

Kathryn was very respectful of our continuously changing situations and was able to help us work through them to find solutions. We have a clearer picture of future money coming in and out so it’s easier to re-evaluate and redistribute funds when needed. I feel more in control. I know what comes out and on which date. I have peace of mind.
– Chrissy, Port Moody

Making financial decisions together
Before we started working with Kathryn there were a lot of unknowns. Things were arbitrary and not concrete. Working with our Money Coach helped bring my wife up to speed, become more involved and make sound economic decisions. Having someone build out a plan with us was paramount to gaining greater control.
– Jeff, Vancouver

Clarity and Confidence
We started working with Kathryn as we were concerned about our spending habits and our debt was growing. A sense of panic set in that was uncomfortable for us. Kathryn taught us a new way to manage our money and we are much more comfortable than before and there is light at the end of the tunnel related to our longer term plans. Money for our goals is always there when required. In the past we would spend freely then when major bills occurred we would tap into the line of credit.

Kathryn was exceptional. She was very responsive, pushed us to change and provided very solid advice. We felt a great deal of confidence in her coaching.
– Michael and Sarah, Vancouver

I have a less emotional and more responsible relationship with money
We thought Kathryn was great to work with. She was very kind, but firm when trying to work us through the process of spending money differently. A large part of what she did was act as a fair mediator between me and my husband. In the past, money was always such a loaded topic and we would inevitably end up fighting before anything was resolved. We felt lost. We were spending way more than we made and not sure where the money was going. I now feel more in control of my finances. We are now making it a priority to save for the big bills first. I have a less emotional and more responsible relationship with the money coming in.
– Leanna, Richmond

We sought Kathryn’s money coaching services because we felt like we were not in control of our money. It seemed to be flying out of the bank account but we weren’t sure where it was going. It didn’t feel good. Now, we have clear goals in mind and a clear picture of where we want our money to go. I thought living on a “budget” would feel constraining, but the opposite is true. It’s actually freeing because we know that there will be money left for the things that we see as important (and even fun) because we are now paying attention to where the money goes. We needed help gaining that awareness and coming up with a concrete plan and that’s exactly what we got.
– A & S

My husband and I worked with Kathryn over a period of about 6 months. At the time we were in desperate need of a financial overhaul to help us get out of and manage our personal and business finances properly once and for all. We started from scratch to relearn the basics and since working with Kathryn, we have put together a sound financial plan that includes both our individual goals and dreams as well as our joint ones. We also created a simple yet detailed budget to keep us on track every month with our income and expenses. As my husband and I are both creative freelancers with varying income and expenses each month, Kathryn showed us a simple and effective way to manage our money and not be afraid of it, fear of money being one of the main factors in preventing us from have a good plan let alone even talk about it. Kathryn is extremely knowledgeable and patient and always showed us the utmost respect and understanding when we didn’t understand something or needed help with anything. Financial planning is all and good but today with an overly complicated financial system, a hands-on money coach is what we all need to get a true handle on our finances and create a viable financial plan so that we can actually reach our goals and dreams for our life. I highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who needs help with money. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and even pay double – she is worth every penny!
– Linda & Michael

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