Karin Mizgala, B.A. Psych, MBA, CFP®

Karin’s Story

Karin has more than 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, and has worked as a financial planner, bank manager, investment advisor, financial educator and life skills counsellor.

Her career began with the quintessential success of an MBA and career on Bay St. But for years she struggled with the traditional corporate culture seeking changes that would provide more soul-fulfilling work. It was only with time, introspection and a little faith in intuition that she began to build a unique career path. She realized that the corporate foundation against which she struggled in fact provided the tools to lead transformative changes in the financial industry. She was determined to develop her own brand of financial planning, combining fee-only advising, financial education and her background in psychology and counseling.

Today Karin is a respected keynote speaker who talks about finance in a manner that inspires and motivates even those with limited financial savvy. Her unique approach has attracted national media attention, including the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Vancouver Sun and MoneySense magazine. Above all, she’s proud to have a financial career that leaves room for relationships, dialogue and heart.

Karin is available for speaking engagements and corporate training.